• The Little Big Phono MK II MC Phonostage

The Little Big Phono MK II MC Phonostage

EINSTEIN'S smallest phonostage! Fueled by the great success of The Turntable ‘s Choice phonostage many EINSTEIN enthusiasts called asking for a more affordable “reference” phonostage. Needless to say, EINSTEIN obliged, provided that they could offer the TCC typical sound qualities in such a package: they did.

The double mono concept was retained for this very reason, but with a less expensive chassis, which doesn’t quite reach the refinement level, resonance control and optimizations as its bigger brother, but nonetheless satisfied overall. The discrete circuit design also remained, but with a significantly reduced selection of the components, in particular the 48 single transistors used for amplification. They omitted a switchable MM / MC stage for the very same reasons as in the TCC: too compromised sound quality. Thus, the The Little Big Phono is a pure MC phono stage.
The Little Big Phono plays with incredibly punchy bass, is wide open with large , three-dimensional imaging, perfect timing and an almost incredible level of detail. With the right source this is a sound experience that can easily become addictive .
Roland Kraft from the Image-HiFi commented: “Very close to The Turntable ‘s Choice with all of the typical EINSTEIN sound qualities”.

Technical Specifications

  • Gain 68 dB (2500 fold)
  • Signal to noise ratio 77 dB
  • THD 0.18%
  • RIAA passive
  • Input impedance variable
  • Output impedance 50 ohms
  • Output voltage 5 V
  • Weight 2 kg