"Balanced Audio Technology is proud of the ongoing innovation it brings to high-end audio. We’re focused on providing a refreshing and unconventional approach to product design, and creating state-of-the-art components featuring stunning build quality and exceptional musical fidelity.

Balanced Audio Technology staked its reputation on the fact that “balanced is better” when balanced wasn’t cool. Today, balanced circuits have become the de facto standard in high-end audio design. Yet, achieving the proper balance in circuit design remains elusive to our competition. For example, in a world of preamplifiers populated by multiple gain stages and cathode-follower circuits, Balanced Audio Technology offers its Unistage design. This Unistage circuit is employed in all of our preamplifiers—from the VK-33 Series to the reference REX II preamplifier. Its benefit pertains to the ultimate simplicity of amplifying the incoming signal only once, with no global feedback to double-back on the straight-through integrity of said signal. Imagine telling a joke to your friends and saying, “pass it on.” Pass it on enough times and you won’t recognize the joke. Similarly, pass the music through too many gain stages and you’ll no longer recognize the genius and beauty of your favorite recordings.

Keeping everything easy for customers extends to our intelligent automatic-biasing circuit, included on every BAT vacuum-tube power amplifier. The result: Plug and play simplicity. No digital or analog volt meters with which to struggle; no question of whether to set the dial in milliamps or millivolts. Just turn on a BAT amplifier, relax, and enjoy your music.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Balanced Audio Technology introduced the world to the 6H30 SuperTube. We negotiated the release of the 6H30 tube from being banned for export due to its military use in Russia and the former Soviet Union. Today, the 6H30 SuperTube is used in a majority of our competitors’ reference tube designs. Yet, no company will ever have more experience in the proper circuit design for the 6H30 SuperTube than BAT. Industry leadership has its inherent benefits."

Audio Heaven are proud to represent this amazing range here in Australia.

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