The Octopus Ultimate Power Strip

Einstein’s The Octopus ultimate power strip is classically simple and elegant looking, while functional – in typical Einstein style.

The new case is made of solid stainless steel and sets absolute standards in build quality and mechanical stability. It is impossible to make a better or more perfect component case. To satisfy not only the optical but also the technical quest for perfection, a lot of effort was put into the internal quality.

A specially sourced high power input power connector resistant to up to 16A, provides an unthrottled input signal which is not burdened by the typically throttled 10A consumer grade input connectors, thus solving this “bottleneck” right at the source. An additional mechanical lock prevents that mains cable from accidentally being disconnected or loosened.
The mains input connector has an additional 2-pole switch, thus allowing for The Octopus to be completely disconnected from the mains power supply. To further take advantage of this high-current power input distributor, each of the eight slots behind the mains input are wired with silver-plated conductors with Teflon-clad high-wire cross-sections.

The entire bar has an effective surge protection circuit. A special logic displays the detected phase when the power bar is connected to your mains line correctly. Included on the ‘red’ side of the power strip is an effective RF filter, which prevents disruptive RF radiation in the power bar. Of course, this filter utilizes reverse damping, which minimizes high-frequency interference of the connected components (in particular digital devices or devices with switching power supplies).

The Octopus The power strip features eight power slots (four of which are filtered), a surge protector that protects all connected equipment, an RF filter, a phase detectior, and lastly a voltage indicator that shows the mains incoming voltage. This voltage detector also recognizes disturbing DC voltages present in the network, if they are above a defined value (DC detect). Too high a DC component in the network affects the function and limits the quality of playback of your HiFi components.

In typical Einstein fashion, The Octopus The power strip is a useful and stylish accessory. Quite simply, there is no better way to make a power strip.

Technical Specifications

  • High-quality, stable housing design with V2A
  • Internal wiring 2mm ² high-purity copper plated with high quality Teflon coating
  • Power input for full amperage 16A, lockable, with switch completely disconnected from the mains
  • Phase detection
  • Overvoltage protection with failure indication
  • Voltage Display
  • High quality parts for heavy duty
  • Red slots filtered and fused separately to 6A loads
  • DC voltage display (DC Detect)
  • Dimensions 39 x 15 x 9 cm


 Price $3,495 inc GST

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