SPEEDNIC Universal Turntable Speed Verification System

The Allnic Speednic is designed to measure the speed of the turntable at 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm speeds. It comprises a freestanding gooseneck lamp with an anodized-aluminium casing and a heavy metal disc that goes atop the record. The lamp is an adjustable light source that can be situated near the turntable, and the disc adds weight to the record, improving its interface with the platter mat. An advantage the Speednic has over other such devices is that you can measure rotational speed while a record is playing, allowing for adjustment to compensate for the drag of the stylus.

The Speednic runs on three C batteries, so it doesn't take up another outlet and is independent of AC voltage. The lamp uses a long-lasting LED instead of a standard incandescent bulb, and it is available in black or silver finish.


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Price $550 inc GST


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