Puritas Cartridge

Many cartridge manufacturers boast of using special materials, good tips and solid bodies, etc, and not of their superior conception, that is, of the rationale for their cartridges’ design and construction.

Structure Makes  a Big Difference

Every LP record master is engraved using an LP cutting lathe's cutter head. The Puritas moving coil (MC) cartridge is designed to reproduce music via a mechanism that emulates the LP cutting lathe's cutter head, of course, however, with a diamond stylus that tracks the record grooves’ faces, rather than with a diamond chisel for cutting the grooves into the vinyl. 

The Puritas also features a:

  • solid ebony body
  • solid boron cantilever
  • zinc mounting plate
  • MicroRidge stylus
  • weight of 11 grams

Price $6,850 inc GST

 Puritas Aluminium Cartridge $4,812 inc GST


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