PASSION CD Transport CDT450

This is a CD Transport as opposed to a standard CD player, meaning it does not have an onboard DAC. It is designed ideally to be used with either the PRE550 which has two CS4398 Cirrus Logic DACs or the IA350 which has one.

The rear panel provides you with 5 different digital output options including I2S,  AES,  Coaxial, BNC and Optical .

The front panel  includes 4 YBA styled switches which control On/Standby, Stop/Play and Pause, Track forward or track back and finally a Sampling Rate selector.

As with the Signature CD Player, this is a top loading device and operates in the same way.

All Passion products have a display dimming feature on the remote control handset which allows you the option of several levels of brightness.




CD server

High end Philips CD PRO IIm with patented Blue Diode® system

Drive compatibility



Digital only - 1 AES/1 Coaxial/ 1 Optical/ 1 I2S/ 1 BNC


SRC upsampling 44.1, 96, 192 kHz/ 24 BIT

Power supply

Linear power supply with high performance R-core transformer

Remote control

Full function - full metal chassis


Natural aluminium


430mm x 388mm x 118mm    w x d x h


10.8 kg


Price $5,790 + GST



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