The Monitor Alpha M2 was designed for customers who value the quality of sound as much as a tidy room décor. Compared to traditional loudspeaker systems like the Alpha F2, the size was reduced to fit practically anywhere.

For the Alpha M2 high-quality drivers of Danish design were again commissioned. In fact they are the same drivers as used in the Alpha F2 floorstander. However the M2 is not simply a shrunk F2. The M2 features a sealed enclosure and employs a set of non-trivial solutions for the internal electronics required in a speaker of this class. Like in the Alpha F2 only linear components were used. Finding the best in-room location for the monitor to support extended bass is worthwhile and will complement its wonderful midrange and excellent high-frequency response to offer a remarkably natural sound.






Power Handling RMS / Music

80W / 160W

Nominal Impedance  

8 Ohm


86dB @ 1W @ 1m

Frequency Range

45Hz - 30kHz @ -6dB

Frequency Range

49Hz - 28kHz @ +/-2.5dB

Crossover Slope

6, 12dB/Oct.


Amplitude, Phase

Crossover Frequency  


Pair Matching

better than +/-0.25dB (L-R)

Sealed Enclosure Tuning  


Dimensions (H x W x D)

370 x 190 x 310mm

Weight / Piece


PRICE                            $2,800 inc GST


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