HA-3000 Pre-Preamplifier (Head Amplifier)

The HA-3000 is Allnic Audio’s pre-preamplifier, or “Head Amplifier”. It is an active, tube based device for amplification of low voltage signals from moving coil cartridges to allow connection of moving coil cartridges to the moving magnet inputs of a phonostage, such as the Allnic H-3000 or H-1500. The HA-3000 is an active pre-preamplifier, not a “step-up transformer” like Allnic’s HA-3000, which uses only a transformer to boost the signal from the cartridge.
The HA-3000 has the following features:

  • Innovative Fixed Bias Circuit - In the HA-3000, two nuvistor 7895 tubes, the smallest vacuum tube, perform as amplifying devices. They magnify the tiniest signal in audio, the output voltage of MC cartridges, to match to the MM input of phono stages. Allnic applies its innovative, fixed bias circuit to achieve quiet and stable operation of the extremely sensitive 7895 tubes. The fixed bias circuit eliminates the subsonics so harmful to phono stages and inherent in the characteristics of the R.I.A.A curve, which requires amplification of the lower frequencies. The fixed bias circuit applies a sustained negative DC voltage to the grid of the tubes and to the input coupling capacitors, blocking capacitor “crossover distortion". This distortion is a common phenomenon but, unfortunately, is often neglected in pre-preamplifiers. The result of no "zero crossover distortion" is, simply, clearer and more vivid reproduction of the music.
  • Very High S/N Ratio - The above mentioned characteristics of the R.I.A.A curve demand a hum-free pre-preamplifier and, therefore, a silent power supply circuit. Even one micro volt (1/1,000,000 of one volt) of hum noise (120Hz hum) in the output signal of a pre-preamplifier will result 63mV to the loud speakers. That is unacceptable, and Allnic has overcome the issue through its automatic pure vacuum tube voltage regulation circuitry. This voltage regulation circuit minimizes power supply hum noise to inaudibility.
  • Extremely Wide Frequency Range - Though the HA-3000 has a single gain stage and no negative feedback, its frequency range capability extends from 15Hz to 125Khz(-3dB), revealing
    the full richness of the musical information on vinyl.
  • Ultra Flexibility - The capability to follow an unpredictable musical signal with ease is strongly believed to be the heart of musicality for audio equipment. This ability can be indicated by square wave response at high frequencies, especially at 10Kh and the even more rarely achieved 20Khz. Exceeding these expectations, Allnic’s HA-3000 shows a response shape that is, even at 100Khz, in a word, beautiful.
  • Micro-Phonic Free Tube Damping Know-how - Allnic’s Absorb-Gel® tube damping know-how culminates in the HA-3000. In the HA-3000, an extreme version of this mechanical technology applied, reducing vibration induced noise in the sensitive tube amplification circuit to a level never before realized.
  • Variable Input Load Impedances - The HA-3000 has four input load impedances: 50, 100, 200, and 500 ohms, selectable from a control on the front panel. This allows loading according to the output impedances of your MC cartridges. Furthermore, these loads are purely resistive, not the compound one of a step-up transformer, resulting in a pure and clean sound.

As are all Allnic Audio products, the HA-3000 is fully RoHS (EU Reduction of Hazardous Substances regulation) compliant in construction and materials. The HA-3000 has been designed and   manufactured to work most synergistically with other Allnic Audio products, for example the Allnic phono stages and preamplifiers.



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