The Tune Integrated Amplifier - with optional digital input

The new EINSTEIN integrated amplifier The Tune contains all the company's experience in analog design and digital technique. This new integrated meets absolute high end standard and is the perfect control center for digital media. It is a unique Einstein product that is exemplary for the sound and circuit philosophy that made Einstein a company with international reputation and worldwide approval.

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The Amp Ultimate Integrated Ciclotron Amplifier

Like all other EINSTEIN audio components, The Amp Ultimate is fast and precise - a balanced, integrated Ciclotron amplifier which meets the highest requirements. Like their amp from the 1990s it is a brilliant music machine.

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The Little Big Phono

EINSTEIN'S smallest phonostage! Fueled by the great success of The Turntable ‘s Choice phonostage, many EINSTEIN enthusiasts called asking for a more affordable “reference” phonostage. Needless to say, they obliged, provided that they could offer the TCC typical sound qualities in such a package: they did!

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The Poweramp

The development of their latest stereo amplifier, The Power Amp, was heavily influenced by the new design of their mono amplifier, The Silver Bullet OTL. The big challenge was to maintain their claim of realistic music reproduction, obviously influenced by the listening experience of The Silver Bullet OTL.

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The Octopus

EISTEIN’S The Octopus ultimate power strip is classically simple and elegant looking, while functional – in typical EINSTEIN style.

The new case is made of solid stainless steel and sets absolute standards in build quality and mechanical stability. It is impossible to make a better or more perfect component case. To satisfy not only the optical but also the technical quest for perfection, a lot of effort waas put into the internal quality.

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