A-6000 300B Set Monoblock Power Amplifier

The A-6000 monoblocks are Allnic Audio’s top of the line power amplifier model.

 The A-6000 has the following features:

  • 50 watts of pure class A high power output. The A-6000 is a double parallel single ended power amplifier. Allnic’s powerful "Inductor Drive" circuit gives up to a 150V swing voltage, with very low distortion (about 0.3%). It is this drive delivered to the A-6000 that allows for a significantly higher output (50w) than the approximately 27 w output that could be expected from standard 300B circuits.
  • Real power drive. The driver tube, a 6GV8, is a very strong power pentode. We use this power pentode to drive the 300B’s via a choke plate inductor. Our choke inductor (100% nickel Permalloy PC core) has very low power loss and infinitely high load impedance. This configuration is an ideal drive stage for 300B SE.
  • Nickel alloy output transformer. Allnic uses sophisticated ratio mixed nickel Permalloy PB cored output transformers. Because of their extremely high initial permeability, it is possible to use lower turns on the primary winding while retaining very high 'open circuit inductance”. That means a resulting very wide frequency range and low distortion bass response. Allnic also uses a very big nickel core, so as not to be magnetically saturated at a high current of level of 400mA.
  • "Soft-start" Circuitry - after sufficient warm-up only, provides the high voltage supply to the plate of each tube. This protective design results in prolonged tube life and fewer and less frequent issues with tube performance.
  • Fixed bias control grid. Allnic prefers to use low distortion and high output “fixed bias” rather than the relatively higher distortion and lower output “self bas” method. That way, it is possible to eliminate the use of cathode resisters and their associated heat production.
  • Natural negative feedback. The A-6000 applies about -6dB of negative feedback. This is a very complimentary amount of negative feedback that differentiates the Allnic 300B single ended amplifier from the standard, which has a very coloured and weak speaker driving force. With this natural feedback, the A-6000 has a relatively high “damping factor', very low distortion, and a higher S/N ratio, without losing the signature single ended natural sound quality.
  • Hard wiring. The A-6000 is all hard wired; circuit boards are not used.



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