In the early years of the last century, the directly heated triode was invented independently, and almost simultaneously, in the USA and Austria. This simple device, an anode, cathode and a grid in a vacuum contained in a glass bottle, transformed the world. With all the applications in which it has been employed, and with all the changes in electronic design for audio reproduction that have occurred since its invention, it is remarkable that over one hundred years later, the very first triode, the simplest vacuum tube audio signal amplifier, despite the imperfections ascribed to it, remains a favourite audio amplification device of many devoted music lovers worldwide.

 The D-5000 DHT is Allnic Audio’s first digital product. With an Allnic designed pure DHT analog output section and a unique digital section by Waversa Systems, the D-5000 DHTis a true, ground-breaking product.

The Allnic D-5000 DHT DAC has many special features. Waversa systems’ digital features include:

  • operations via Linux OS with UAC2 and MAC OSX 10.6, which do not require download of a driver; and with the Thesycon driver, for example, downloaded to your computer for use in Windows OS environments
  • dual mono ES9018K2M SABRE 32 Reference Audio DACs
  • real-time PCM to DSD 128 conversion using a custom built 5.6 MHz up-sampler and FPGA DSD converter
  • custom built, FPGA based, 1.5 MHz processor up-sampling to 384 KHz
  • all digital inputs and a customized S/PDIF receiver accommodating rates up to 192 KHz (so long as the source is of sufficiently high quality – see “Operation”)
  • a UAC2 standard compliant custom audio interface design, with Cypress FX2/FPGA USB input handling:
    • DSD 64, DSD 128
    • PCM 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz, 88.2 KHz, 96 KHz, 176.4 KHz, 192 KHz, 352.8 and 384 KHz
  •  in and out reference word clock connectors for use with an external clock


On the analog side

  • the D-5000 DHT is Permalloy transformer coupled; no coupling capacitors are used.
  • to help prevent microphonic interference from vibrations, the D-5000 DHT’s main PCB is suspended with a specially made drum rubber.
  • Allnic Audio’s patented and newly designed "Absorb GEL tube damper" technology prevents harmful vibrations from reaching the signal / gain tubes and therefore prevents micro-phonic noise propagation in the tubes. The Allnic Audio Absorb Gel damper technology effectively solves a problem that plagues most tube amplification systems. Provided other tube components do not introduce microphonic noise into your system, with the Absorb Gel damping system, you will enjoy a degree of transparent sound that will surprise and please you.
  • the D-5000 DHT uses NOS DHT 3A5 tubes, DHT tubes that were nonetheless manufactured in a very sophisticated and modern way and that have a frequency range of 20 Hz to 50 KHz (-3 dB) with an extremely beautiful square wave form at 20 KHz
  • low voltage and temperature operation of the 3A5 DHT tubes ensures tube longevity.


In addition, the D-5000 DHT also has the following features:

  • Zero negative feedback design
  • Pure Class A operation
  • Fully balanced circuit from input to output
  • As are all Allnic Audio products, the D-5000 DHT DAC is fully
  • RoHS (EU Reduction of Hazardous Substances regulation) compliant in construction and materials


The D-5000 DHT DAC has been designed and manufactured to work most synergistically with Allnic Audio preamplifiers and amplifiers



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